The Honey Comb: Nonprofit Nonsense, Innovation, The Millennial Shift and a Visit from Whitney

Honey_CombThe online world is full of countless buzz-worthy blogs, viral videos, informative websites and so much more. Here at the Rebecca Gordon Group we’ve combed the internet to bring you the sweetest, most sharable content we can find.


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My favorite friends and colleagues know that working in the nonprofit world has its perils. For every rewarding victory, you’re most likely faced with one or two bumps along the way. Sometimes the best remedy is to sit back and laugh at it all, and thanks to the folks at the new Tumblr blog When You Work in a Nonprofit” you can do just that. Some of these animated gifs might hit a little close to home.

Rebecca Gordon and her son Jared on the first day of senior year 2013.

Rebecca Gordon and her son Jared on the first day of senior year 2013.

Innovate or Die, Lessons Learned from my son.  This post on our own blog keeps touching me heart and helps me move forward.


Understanding generational communications is one of Rebecca’s favorite presentations, understanding how millennials will shift dollars and effect social change in inspiring.  Check it out.  

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We all love a good Mashup, but what exactly is a Mashup? We’ve got your viral vocab lesson right here, just take a look at last week’s Buzz Words Wednesday (complete with a little lesson from Whitney Houston).

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