Fundraising with Social Media (Infographic)

We would love to take credit for this awesome graphic, but this one was done by MDG Advertising. One interesting stat to note is that 98 percent of nonprofits are now on Facebook and 74 percent are on Twitter. If your nonprofit still isn’t using social media, you are officially behind the curve now. Don’t worry though, the Rebecca Gordon Group can help you get started.

This graphic also contains some great information about trends in social giving. For example, 68 percent of people surveyed said that if a friend posted about giving to a charity on social media, they would try to learn more about that charity. That’s pretty significant, especially for lesser known organizations.

Another important statistic for the 26 percent of nonprofits still not using Twitter: nonprofits that incorporated Twitter in their online fundraising raised almost 10 times more than those that did not.

The graphic suggests three tips for improving giving through social media based on survey responses for the 2012 Nonprofit Social Network Benchmark Report:

  1. Come up with a detailed social media strategy.
  2. Have executive management make social media a priority.
  3. Dedicate a current or new position specifically to social media (or hire us to do it for you!)

2012: It Was a Very Good Year for Social Giving [Infographic by MDG Advertising]