Continuing the Conversation, AFTER the Conference Ends

Building RelationshipsI am back in Missouri after spending several days in sunny California at the BoardSource Leadership Forum.  The conference was attended by over 800 nonprofit board members, staff and volunteers.  This year’s themes were about bold leadership, taking risks and thinking big!

I always come back excited and energized.  The information, networking and joy of spending those few days with successful nonprofit leaders can’t stop when I get off the plane.  To keep the momentum alive I jotted down the steps I am going to take to continue to network with these amazing leaders.  I thought I would share them with you:

1.  Pull the cards I have collected out of the bottom of my bag.  Yes, I did have to write this down.  How many times do we come back from a conference or meeting and forget to pull the business cards we collected out of the bottom of our swag bags?  I take the cards out and write on them where I collected them from.  In three months when I come across the card on my desk, I will know when and where I got it.

2.  Send out personal emails.  When I collect cards at conferences, I usually write a note on them when I get them so I can remember what this individual and I were talking about ( I always think I will remember and I don’t) so I write it down on the card.  RIGHT AWAY!  So when I pull the cards out today, I send a personal email letting people know how much I enjoyed meeting them!  Hopefully the conversations we had can continue!

3.  Become Colleagues on LinkedIN.  I LOVE social media, so this is the perfect opportunity to reach out and LinkedIN is the perfect place to do it!

4. Don’t wait for a conference to do this next time!  I try to follow these basic steps at the end of every week.  It doesn’t always happen but its a great way to stay connected.

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Taming the Social Media Beast: Rebecca Gordon Selected as Featured Speaker, 2013 BoardSource Leadership Forum

2013-10-22 10.20.22 amEach year, more than 700 nonprofit leaders from around the world gather with an impressive array of experts to discuss the newest thinking and practices in nonprofit governance and solutions to current leadership issues at the BoardSource Leadership Forum.

This year, the Rebecca Gordon Group is proud to announce our very own Rebecca Gordon has been selected to share her social insight on taming the social media beast through “Creating Something Out of Nothing: Social Media in the Nonprofit Sector” at the 2013 BoardSource Leadership Forum, in Los Angeles, CA.

“Social media communications offers nonprofits an opportunity to more easily do what we are good at,” says Gordon, “Connect and cultivate communities, partners, donors, and friends, who are the lifeblood of meeting our missions and changing the world.”

Gordon’s session is designed to pinpoint common social media related leadership challenges in the nonprofit sector, while providing lighthearted, workable solutions that will garner results and an overall return of investment. Highlights are to include the importance of “Understanding Your Audience,” “Embracing the Editorial Calendar,” and the importance of a solid social media strategy.

Want to learn how to tame the beast?  Check out “Creating Something Out of Nothing: Social Media in the Nonprofit Sector” at the 2013 BoardSource Leadership Forum, where Rebecca will walk participants through the jungle and tame the social media beast.

For more information view Gordon’s latest post on, or visit the 2013 BoardSource Leadership Forum website.