This package is similar to the “Basic” package, but allows for more customization. Your site will also be designed using one of more than 150 free themes available from, but with far more options for changing the look. For example, this option allows you to change the colors and style of the text throughout the site, including in the navigation menu, so that it better matches your brand. This package also allows for other customizations, such as editing the spacing between lines, words, etc. If you want your site to stand out from any other site that might be using the same theme, this is an important feature.

This package also includes a custom header and background, removes “wordpress” from the URL, eliminates any ads, increases your space from 3GB to 10GB (including the ability to upload audio files) and better incorporates videos into your site.

Below is how the Rebecca Gordon site would look with this package. Notice the yellow menu bar with “HOME” highlighted in orange. The words are in ALL CAPS and are slightly more spaced out.