Finished websites:

Twenty years ago, the first interaction a new customer or client had with your organization was most likely a face-to-face visit or at the very least a phone call. Today, the vast majority of first interactions will come online. That’s why it’s extremely important to have a website that’s not only up-to-date, but one that attracts the eye and is easy to navigate.

Website design has come a long, long way since the first pages were launched in 1991. Gone are the days of designing sites using HTML tables (the “boxes on top of boxes” look). No more blinking text scrolling across the top either. With the arrival of HTML5, CSS and Content Management Systems, the power of the web has become indefinite. No idea what all that computer jargon means? Not to worry. The Rebecca Gordon Group specializes in designing websites that can be easily updated by the business or organization in the future.

The Rebecca Gordon Group uses a Content Management System called WordPress to design and update websites. You might be familiar with WordPress as a blogging site. However, its powerful software can be used to design non-blog sites as well.  The best part of WordPress is that the vast majority of content can be easily updated by someone with zero knowledge of HTML coding. Take a look at the screenshot below to see how easy it is to update the content on a page.


As you can see, editing the text can be as simple as typing in Word. Adding photos and other media takes just a few clicks as well. The Rebecca Gordon Group will set up the design of your site so that you can focus on the content. Or, if you would rather not touch the website with a 10-foot pole, you can hire us to do your website updating as well.

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