“A Growth Organization requires a strong board and strong executive leadership. A growth agency needs a board that leads the way in developing financial resources. A growth agency needs a board that oversees the financial performance of an organization and supports the executive staff’s efforts to manage for performance and accountability and build capacity”

Association of Fundraising Professionals – Keys to Successful Organizations.

Behind virtually every high performing nonprofit is an effective Board of Directors characterized by:

  • Strategic, big picture thinking
  • Diversity of experience, expertise and access
  • The ability to raise friends and funds

While an effective board has always been important, it is especially essential in periods of economic turbulence. Board members who offer independent insights from their own experience, and provide access to external resources are critical to management when making decisions key to organizational viability. Building and sustaining a high performance board requires an investment of time, the right leadership and a thoughtful strategy. It is important to align the board’s role and its members’ expectations with the nonprofit’s stage of organizational development. Without proper stewardship, tension can arise when what an organization needs from its board transcends members’ understanding of their role .

The Rebecca Gordon Group can help you with your board development.

  • Re-engaging board members into the life of the nonprofit.
  • Revitalize the board’s structure to allow for deeper engagement and participation.
  • Energizing the board to prepare for fundraising.
  • Work with senior management in working with the board
  • Design strategies and help transition the organization to a higher functioning board.