How to Pin Like a Pro


This week, I (Joe) attended a webinar by Melanie Duncan entitled, “How to Use Pinterest for Your Business.” Now naturally, as a 24-year-old male, I’ve had my doubts about the benefits of Pinterest. It has seemed like more of a craft, cooking and style site, rather than a social media site that could be utilized to expand your business. Well, after this one hour webinar, my perspective on Pinterest has definitely changed.

First, a few stats/interesting notes about Pinterest from the webinar:

  • 80 percent of pins are re-pins – meaning Pinterest is extremely viral.
  • Pinterest reached 10 million unique visitors faster than any independent website in history.
  • Pinterest currently drives more website traffic than Twitter.
  • The most popular time to post on Pinterest is Saturday morning.

According to Melanie Duncan, the two best Pinterest practices for businesses are:

  1. Add a “Pin It” button to your website pages and blog posts. This will make it much easier for visitors to share information they find on your site on Pinterest. You can check what has been pinned from your website by going to “ your domain name
  2. Create a business account on Pinterest by visiting When you register your account, be sure to fill out the about section and include some keywords about what your business does.

Now in order for your pins to go viral, it’s important to focus on creating original content. If you are just re-pinning things that you like, your business or organization is unlikely to have much success with Pinterest. Here’s five ideas from the webinar for powerful pins:

  1. Create original infographics — The most website traffic we’ve ever had at the Rebecca Gordon Group was because of our “Nonprofits’ Impact on the Economy” infographic. It has been re-pinned many times on Pinterest.
  2. Create checklists — design a checklist of things, such as “Top 30 College Basketball Arenas to Visit” or “Best Nonprofits to Donate to This Year.” These get a lot of re-pins on Twitter.
  3. Tutorials — Similar to checklists, but in a how-to style.
  4. Pins with Text — Your might have some amazing photos on your website, but when they show up on Pinterest without an article or blog post accompanying them, they can lost their impact. Simple solution: Add some text on top of your photos, kind of like a headline.
  5. Pin videos from YouTube — There hasn’t been a whole lot of videos on Pinterest yet, so jump on this train early and be an innovator.

Finally, if you are a business that sells products online, be sure to include prices on your pinned photos, as they are likely to get more attention from customers. You can include links to where to buy the product in your caption.

Happy pinning everybody!


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