Go for launch — Parts 3 and 4

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It’s been a busy week at the Rebecca Gordon Group! We launched two new websites this week, one for Dr. Sheila Carnett and one for LaSienne Salon and Day Spa. The links will take you to those new websites. Both websites were created using free themes from WordPress.com, just with some custom-designed features like sidebar buttons and headers. Both themes were ones we haven’t used before, but they both allowed for enough flexibility to make a business website work.

For the LaSienne site, we used a theme called Hatch that is used mostly for photographers. As you can see from the site, we really wanted to use a lot of images on the front page rather than text, so the theme worked great for that. We also really liked the ability to add widgets at the bottom of each page, like the Facebook and Pinterest buttons. That allowed us to use the entire full-width of each page.

For Dr. Sheila Carnett’s site, we used the popular Twenty Twelve theme. We were able to provide the site with it’s own feel though by adding a header and custom sidebar buttons. Previously, Dr. Carnett didn’t have her own website, and we really just wanted to create her own space online. The content is simple and to the point, but it provides all the necessary information to visitors, without getting caught up in the bells and whistles. We also really wanted people to know how to find her office, as it’s somewhat tucked away, so we created the “Find Us” page with photos we took of the building, as well as an embedded Google Map.

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