Pollinating Success….The Launch of the Missouri Association of Rehabilitation Facilities New Online Brand Image

Last year, we had the opportunity to begin working with the Missouri Association of Rehabilitation Facilities (MARF) on refreshing their online image.

MARF is an organization that works with facilities across the State of Missouri to improve the lives of Missourians with disabilities by driving public policy and strengthening member organizations through advocacy, education and collaboration.

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While their current site was easy to navigate it didn’t convey the passion that this organization invests in enhancing the lives of Missourians with disabilities.  

MARF has a diverse group of members and when we boiled it all down we realized they were an organization made up of two divisions with one mission.

Their Community Living Division is dedicated to keeping people with disabilities out of the institutional setting and in the community through access to group homes, semi-dependent apartment programs, individualized supported living and community integration.

Their Employment Division consists of Rehabilitation Providers throughout the State of Missouri that offer a variety of vocational services to persons with disabilities.  These services include skills training, job development, supported employment and job maintenance support.

To show their work we developed a website layout that is easy to navigate and highlights this membership organization’s commitment to the people of Missouri.

marf (1)


To find out how your brand can be refreshed and your online location built to better serve your needs email us or call Rebecca at 573-338-3773.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Kids’ Harbor and Going Blue to Raise Awareness on Chid Abuse Prevention

Kids’ Harbor is an accredited child advocacy center serving the Lake of the Ozarks area in Central Missouri, Fort Leonard Wood and surrounding areas.

They assist victims of child abuse and their non-offending family members as they make their way through the process of a child abuse investigation.  1480613_10152033038390969_8681655390366258216_n

Children and their non-offending caregivers are referred by social services, juvenile authorities and law enforcement and are provide free of charge.

Their mission is to provide a child-friendly atmosphere for children who may be victims of neglect, sexual assault, physical and emotional abuse.

Working with organizations who focus on helping kids through these difficult times is one of our favorite types of projects.  During April, Child Abuse Prevention Month, the Rebecca Gordon Group recruited 20 businesses to become child abuse prevention partners, raising money in their own businesses to help support the work of Kids’ Harbor.


It was a joy to work on the GO BLUE! Campaign for April.  If you would like to support the work of Kids’ Harbor you can make an online donation here.  

Child Abuse Prevention month might be over but with 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys at risk of sexual assault before the age of 18 they need our support all year long.

Nickel and Dimes, Low-Tech Fundraising Can Bag You Big Bucks


Over the past three months we have been working with Kids’ Harbor, Inc. a child advocacy center located in Central Missouri who works to help prevent, intervene and follow-up with children and families who are dealing with child abuse issues.

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and in a area like the Lake of the Ozarks we have had to deploy not only traditional fundraising techniques but also  low-tech and crowdsourcing options to raise money and awareness.

These tactics can be surprisingly effective.

Tactic 1:  The GO BLUE! Campaign.  What is that you say?  The GO BLUE campaign was created seven years ago to allow people, businesses and communities to actively engage in child abuse prevention activities on their own terms.

The premise is simple, every Friday in April, you ask people to wear blue, light up local buildings blue or get great cities like St. Louis to make their fountain blue.  (Do check to make sure that the Cubs are not in town before doing this one, we learned from experience:)


Tactic 2:  Sell some blue t-shirts!  People want to support your work and GO BLUE! Selling them the swag makes it simple.  First, by having a t-shirt with the same logo, brand and message, you’re crowdsourcing your campaign.  As is the case with Kids’ Harbor, local banks, grocery stores and retain outlets are selling shirts and letting their employees dress down on Fridays.  What a great way to raise some awareness and dollars.  Also, if you buy great t-shirts people will wear them year round.  BONUS.


Tactic 3: The Small Stuff Counts Too!  As nonprofits we love the big bucks, sponsorships and large donations but don’t overlook the power of the small stuff.  Kids’ Harbor recruited over 20 businesses across their region who would be willing to partner during child abuse prevention month and put out a fundraising bucket.  Little donations add up fast.


HubSpot has recently started a series on tips and tricks for Coin Canisters that I encourage you to check out here.

In this age of online fundraising and big capital campaigns (which we love here at the RGG) it is important to remember, sometimes the nickel and dimes add up and low-tech solutions can bag you big bucks!

Want to make a donation to Kids’ Harbor?  You can do it online here.  

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